Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today's a great day - my little baby sis - Ms. Market Marveliosa - is turning 30 and we're celebrating.

Of course, it's a little sad since Ms. Markie is leaving LA soon and I'll be sibling-less in the big shitty. But I can't blame her: sis has been one of those people just waiting to leave LA first chance they could.

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about LA and its spiritual starvation. If I understand Ms. STL, there's a shallowness found in yogi-centric LA circles, compared to pristine, pure ones in dear-old Amsterdam. Now besides that waxing poetic about anything Dutch is the surest way to mi corazon, I'm not sure that attending hipster art gallery openings and downtown-r-they still underground? loft parties is the best way to ground oneself to a stable, meaty LA foundation.

I'm always amazed by people who meow about LA-deprivation, but then peruse the latest, hippest offering. Which reminds me of a simple fact that my dear, FIXED partner, Mr. Matsu shared with a random fan at the Silver Lake fest., if you're sick of the tried and true, shallow, hippy hipster LA circle, TRY SOMETHING NEW.

Go to San Pedro; go to the Thai temple; organize a road-trip to Sierra Madrea; explore the waterfall rock-slides in Angeles forest (this is the trail that takes you to a spot called 1st Water); go to the hot springs off Rt 14 (they're MIND-BLOWING AMAZING!).

Do something new or waste away.


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