Saturday, March 25, 2006


FIXED had a challenging production schedule. We did essentially two six-day weeks with an unplanned break in the first week, then we took a break for Thanksgiving 2003 and finished on weekends after (a total of 5 1/2 more days). I guess our total production schedule was around 21 days overall (the final few being pick ups), but the heart of it was the first 16 days. Our crew was incredibly hard-working led by Andrew Takeuchi, our DP, Amos James, our gaffer who brought in our AD at a critical time, and Bruce Devan who came in at our break. Check out their credits at IMDB.

My favorite general location area was around San Pedro, CA: this is the town where our lead, Matthew, moves after he starts his drug treatment.

Here, is the only location where we got our location-butts kicked off the property. So, we just went up the hill to a bluff lookng down on the Korean bell and shot our scene. The bluff is right outside the main gallery for Angel's Gate, and we shot Matthew's art gallery scene inside Angel Gate.

We also shot extensively in downtown San Pedro around the art galleries: downtown (we shot in this general vicinity). My favorite musical sequence, kudos to our composer, Roddy Bottom, is the transition when Matthew bikes around San Pedro.


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