Friday, March 24, 2006

SO DEAR READERS: BLUE MANDY, HERE, checking in from Avalon's Spider Club opening night SLFF After-PAARRRTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Remote access, baby. Oh, my god, Bill Macy, you DEVIL, YOU DEVIL, DEVIL, DEVIL. It's after 2 in the AM and if you saw the things, my eyes see right now....Umm, ummm, can you say - AYAY CANDY.

It's been quite the virginal festival exp - finally got to wear those cool badges that after years of Sundance Envy, just longing to be one of those mighty badged ONES, NOW I AM!!! The lounge @ Arclight. You should all come visit and I'll get special prizes if you tell the people @ will call that Blue Mandy sent you.

Interesting side-note about FIXED: Three of our locations for the doctor Matthew visits in his search for cures were courtesy of Mr. Vaginal Reconstruction Surgeon himself: Dr. David Matlock. Matlock was incredibly generous to us, god bless him: letting us shoot in his operating room, his private work office and his Bel-Air mansion. The operating room was obviously the scene for the big-you-know-what. His office was used for the scene where doctor explains procedure to Matthew. His mansion served as Frederick's home in the scene where Matthew personally installs Frederick's just purchased painting from Audry.

Check out his site
and I want to hear from you, esp. the ladies. I mean, I'm all for going South of the border; huge fan of Pinacate, Hermosillo want to travel to the Yucatan, but like it natural, you know what I'm saying.


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