Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tis' the day!!!!

So our big night is TO.NIGHT!!!! Our final screening at the Silver Lake Film Festival, 10 pm, Arclight Cinema. We're so excited that the big man upstairs decided to send a big rain storm to LA and CHALLENGE all our friends.

But we know they'll come through and have a full house.

For those who see the film, our biggest, most complex production day was when we shot at Gallery 4-F in Chinatown Chung King Row. It's the scene where Mattew (Jason Van Over) meet Deanna (Tina Holmes) after being told about the party by Audry (Roy Black). Our friends, Michelle Jaquis and Jeremy Quinn of RIIS Industries lent us their video art installations. We hung 3 of the screens from the ceiling and had 3 projections going to each. The scene came out great; our actors, Jason, Tina and Roy nailed it.

I could keep talking about some of my other favorite scenes to quell my anxious anticipation, but instead: it's hope to see you all there.


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