Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cyberwars: Estonian versus Russians-Israelis/Jews versus Islamists Oh My!!

The global network is heating up along identity lines just in time!

Mobius over at JSchool has a great post on the faultlines in Israel; Here's a NYX article on "Digital Fears Emerge After Data Siege in Estonia" when Russian hackers tried to take down whole Estonian broadband infrastructure and architecture:
When Estonian authorities began removing a bronze statue of a World War II-era Soviet soldier from a park in this bustling Baltic seaport last month, they expected violent street protests by Estonians of Russian descent.

They also knew from experience that “if there are fights on the street, there are going to be fights on the Internet,” said Hillar Aarelaid, the director of Estonia’s Computer Emergency Response Team. After all, for people here the Internet is almost as vital as running water; it is used routinely to vote, file their taxes, and, with their cellphones, to shop or pay for parking.

What followed was what some here describe as the first war in cyberspace, a monthlong campaign that has forced Estonian authorities to defend their pint-size Baltic nation from a data flood that they say was set off by orders from Russia or ethnic Russian sources in retaliation for the removal of the statue.
I'm doing research on examples of cyberattacks between Islamists and Israelis or Diasporic Jews. If folks know of examples, please comment in the response section.


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