Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why r we angry?

This is the most powerful mash-up I listened this to over the last semester. I'm not endorsing these ideas; I've become more culturally conservative after seeing how skimpy and bare (both literaly and figuratively) undergrads view of a common democratic ethos is (yeah, Myspace to bookface to Stickam social networks).

But change is coming. We'll just see whether it does more harm than good given how negligent both the Left & Right has been. New paradigms needed.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Beautiful Shorts

On the independent film, FIXED, my partner - the writer, director, editor - Neil Matsumoto and I chose to break copyright to finish our film and get it into festivals. We came close to giving up, but I'm proud we didn't. Re-watching a montage Neil composed of his shorts (he directed something like 50, reminds me why the independent film world (the real thing) needs "Free Culture" - a form of copyright that allows artists like Neil to make their work and distribute it non-commercially like at indie festivals.

Both the movement and the ideas.

Neil's an amazing talented director/multi-media wonderkind. I can't wait to see his next body of work. And In case people still don't get the message. Check out this great mashup by USCFC's Justin Hall. Go Trojans!!


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